Longitudinal Training & Coaching are workshops that focus on developing core operational skills that enhance

  • Work Ethics
  • Productivity
  • Excellence

Because we place people in the center of all change, we use visual thinking, gamification, simulations, elearning,mind models and discovery tools, to stimulate the minds of the participants. 

Our Longitudinal Training and Coaching Workshop   are spread under the following themes

  1. Mentoring a Mentee

  2. Solution Architecting

  3. Mastering Organisational Resiliency

  4. Leadership Quotient in Action (LQiA)

First Avocado brings its proprietary VCAM (Value Chain Assessment Methodology)  to assess training need requirement. Using VCAM, each workshop is contextualized as per industry, work areas and participant’s profile. The modules are tailored to meet organisational strategy with tangible learning outcomes.


An organisation may opt for a day long workshop in these areas, or may choose to conduct longitudinal session over a period of weeks. First Avocado can help you choose the right combination for your training needs.

Our trainers and facilitators are subject matter experts in specific areas and use experiential, collaborative and reflective learning theories. Our learning tools are highly engaging and purposeful for training delivery.

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