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We are in the business of bringing the best out of people. We do this using our triangular alignment of 

1. Purpose of Workshop :  First Avocado uses its proprietary VCAM Value Chain Service Assessment Methodology  to contextualize workshop to company needs. 


2. Collaboration of stakeholders :  We create right settings to bring collaboration among participants to foster creativity and ownership


3. Learning Experience : We ensure consistent and relevant experience throughout  engagement using tools that unlock participation and creativity


Our workshops are carefully designed to accommodate practical approaches to local context backed by proven institutional theories. This thought obliges us to spend more time in designing the workshop than face time with the participants. We use elearning, gamification, simulation, mind models and discovery tools to bring active participation.  Additionally,  First Avocado uses its proprietary (VCAM) Value Chain Assessment Methodology to contextualize workshops to client’s working environment.

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Workshops & Longitudinal training are designed on two pronged levers intersected by 'participant collaboration'


  • We build learning platforms and tools to unlock creativity. First Avocado designs appropriate settings and creates appropriate tools for the overall learning experience. Many of these tools are First Avocado’s proprietary offerings.  We ensure consistent and relevant experience throughout longitudinal engagement.
  • Tools – Visuals, Simulation, Gamification, Mind models and Discovery Tools.


  • We contextualise  to the needs of the company. First Avocado’s uses its proprietary VCSAM (Value Chain Service Assessment Methodology) framework to map desired outcome while carefully aligning to organisation’s strategic direction. We factor approaches to make the change measurable.
  • VCSAM – maps understanding of requirement based on process, tools, roles & responsibilities keeping culture and outcome as key thought drivers.


Discovery of current situation and expected results


Due Diligence

Design of intervention plan and expectations



Training & Facilitation



Two way feedback, recommendations and Report out from First Avocado.


Feedback and Report

Validation, feedback and Remedial sessions (if any)


Post Engagement

Our Values

  • Placing people in the centre of everything

  • Making other's successful

  • The power of sum is larger than the sum of equal parts - Collaborate, Co-create

  • Innovation breeds in abstractness and organised chaos

  • Rationality to consistently deliver peak performance

  • Everyone is creative

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