How First Avocado worked with a consumer goods company to improve its off-trade sales through a BPR


A problem stated isn’t necessary a problem. It could be a symptom to something bigger. For the case in point, the existing process was a replica of its parent company in India. It was simply implemented as a standard template. Naturally, the process was designed keeping the company’s vision in place without considering the unique market and business landscape in Nepal i.e. Nepalese consumer market and market dynamics. 

Client: India based consumer goods Company with operations in Nepal

The 2 day workshop, delivered by Consultants was focused not only on the changes but also on critical appreciation of existing process design.  

Workshop Purpose:  Improvement of off-trade sales through Business Process Reengineering analysis and redesign

The company, on average, takes 30 days for typical items to clear off the shelf. Through market research it was found out that industry standards speculate 20 days as an ideal off-trade sale number for the given shelf volume. An improvement opportunity of 10 days was a clear motivator for workshop participant that represented a broad organisation spectrum. 

At first glance, it’s easy to say that the delay was due to poor marketing and sales. Although marketing and sales does play a very important role in off-trade sales, when analyzing and mapping the marketing and distribution process, it was verified that the communication from retails and other channels to account managers were the bottlenecks. 

The workshop starts with the process understanding before even thinking of any changes. It was important, that the workshop was conducted in the most nontechnical way- as it was attended by cross functional teams, most of whom had no previous background on business process reengineering. First Avocado used various props and gamification tools to make process discussion interesting and relevant. 

Throughout the workshop, First Avocado ensured that the participants had a clear picture of the whole business / process and engaged the participants through collaborative fact finding. First Avocado prides itself, that every workshop is designed by placing people in the center of everything. Through right synergy of people, process and tools, this workshop brought interesting insights that could lead to potential changes in future and also appreciation of existing process models. 

Through process analysis, it was realized that the account teams received requirements much late and several employees begin to perform the same task (duplicate actions) because of which the overall on ground staff was poorly utilized, Although improved marketing can increase off-trade sales, by tweaking the process, the company may have an  improved approach to optimizing shelf life.

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