First Avocado weaves narrative on single thread – Alignment of performance to organizational goals

It is not any other day, commodity based businesses look forward to reinventing approaches to measure performance. 

Our client wasn’t happy with the existing business performance parameters. For far too long, financial performance had been the guiding metrics to measure success.

Client : The client is a leading cement producer in Chitwan (Bharatpur, Nepal)

With plans to diversify, our client was also witnessing a shift at proprietorship level. The business group would soon be taken over by new guns – next gen family business owners. They are highly Inspired by new approaches,  – investing on long term perspective.

First Avocado was finally contracted after almost 6 months of due diligence. The objectives – devise a balance scorecard and implement it across the organisation.

Workshop Purpose: Aligning performance metric that accurately represent  organizational goals across individuals and functions.

This was important to us, because it’s success would pave way to implementation at the conglomerate level.

Following were key noteworthy pointers –

  1. Customer Perspective – Much of the data was perception driven and internal in nature, First Avocado had to really collect data from existing customers and validate that with the current understanding.
  2. Innovation and Learning Perspective – This was a completely new terrain for the organisation, this had to be established structurally and embedded into daily activities of the organisation
  3. Internal Business perspective – This was a practice that was already staged, however, this had to be aligned to company vision and the other three parameters of Balance Scorecard
  4. Financial performance – Although an easier parameter to implement, it was extremely important that we get it right the first time because this validates our assumptions about the other 3 parameters

One of the key challenges was to implement it without projecting it as control mechanism for the workforce but rather an intervention to foster clarity in goals, improved focus and work together for common objectives. This meant a shift in mindset of the mangers too.

First Avocado spent a considerable time with the stake holders, especially the new generation businessmen , to understand their vision and strategy. We also interviewed some of the prominent shareholders (outside of company) and important customers to understand their expectations.

This was followed by a consensus on the new organizational vision and strategy. This was workshop led. Although, the newly devised goals and visions were already communicated to the workforce, prior before First Avocado’s intervention, workshop had to be rearranged again to drive ownership and inclusiveness. This was a huge success, as many interesting aspects of the business came about that further helped refine the ‘innovation’ and ‘internal business perspective’ component of balance scorecard.

The next level of discussion was on validating the goals and measurement criteria. The focus was mapping everything to organizational goals and strategy. Much of the discussion was on excluding ambiguous goals and measuring criteria from the balance scorecard.

This was circulated to 6 managers for translating this balance scored into their version of department based scorecard. First Avocado had to conduct a skill based coaching session on balance scorecard to start with. The executives had to go through series of revisions over a period of few weeks. This coaching was done over ‘skype’ and ‘whatsapp’. On the ‘financial alignment’ front, First Avocado partnered with ‘Crunch lens’ (a financial consulting boutique based in Gurgaon, India). The consultants from ‘Crunch lens’ provide expert guidance over skype calls which was administered by First Avocado.

The final workshop was on the implementation of new measurement parameters at the ground level. The workshop focused on developing change via right communication and reviews. Toward the end of  2 day long 

workshop, we had formulated a project plan of 4 months and a long term plan of 2 years to see the effect of change and its impact on the organisation.

The behavioral alignment of the workforce is extremely important to such change. First Avocado is currently coaching 6 managers to track their behavioral change at both leadership and workforce level. We did this over Skype on frequent basis for 2 months. There is another coaching intervention lined up after 6 months.

The current case not only demonstrates First Avocado’s excellent facilitation skills but also on its strong grip over business environment. The case also focuses on First Avocado ‘s longitudinal intervention via coaching sessions using innovative tools and approaches.

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