Design thinking for writers

A top tier school in Kathmandu on an occasion of ‘Bal Sahitya Mahotsav’ allocated a workshop space for First Avocado for students of grade 9 and above.

‘Bal Sahitya Mahotsav’ is children’s literature festival hosted and championed by Rato Bangla school. Given the context, First Avocado conducted ‘Design Thinking for Writers’ session attended by young writers. This workshop was designed to achieve two learning outcomes –

  1. Teaching design thinking can be powerful ways of teaching student solve another person’s problems by providing creative solutions that relate to their needs.
  2. It enforces the student’s to organize work in ways that reward difference and multiplicity i.e. divergent thinking (not convergent thinking). This is a paradigm shift from the regular ‘just one right answer’ based problem solving.

First Avocado facilitated this using specific tools and seasoned facilitators.

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"Design Thinking for Writer's" - A workshop conducted by First Avocado for a leading school in Kathmandu, Nepal ...get in touch to know more