Change readiness & urgency

Background:  When a non-profit contacted First Avocado, the need of the hour was to transition its workforce from a business-as-usual  to readiness for a change, soon to occur in the organisation.  The workforce was diverse in age, qualification, experience and role.

First Avocado’s Solution : First Avocado designed workshop cum longitudinal coaching sessions  to meet the objectives of the client.  Our objectives were:

Bring readiness in employees

Help employees internalize change

Drive employee Satisfaction

We conducted a day long workshop followed by individual longitudinal coaching sessions in two phases across 4 months long engagement

People Change

Workshop – First Avocado used discovery tools to help participants identify their awareness w.r.t organization change, and help them explore their strengths and weakness in managing the current challenges. Two experiential simulations were also designed to help participants identify their goals.

Longitudinal Coaching Sessions –

We conducted individual coaching sessions of varying time length of  2 – 5hours for both the phases.  In each clinical session, assessments were done to evaluate improvements and individual growth. Mind games and Visual Thinking tools were used to help assess participant performance. The process was highly collaborative and feedback intensive.

Success Factors:

We worked with client side program manager to create a high climate of urgency within the employees at all times.


Most employees were not just part of the change, but championed it leading to early acceptance  of organisation change.

Early realization of objectives and high  employee satisfaction achieved


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