Women Leadership and Empowerment (..a follow up workshop)


To foster capacity building activities as part of organisation’s broader organisational objectives

To empower woman and youth of Himalayan region through knowledge and education


The Workshop  was broken down into 4 categories outlined below. First Avocado used its in-house designed discovery, simulation and mind map tools to facilitate the discussion. 

Day 1 –

Leadership Discovery

Mentoring skills

Day 2 –

Leadership simulation exercise

Introspection on the simulation exercise

LEADERSHIP DISCOVERY – The session was worksheet based self discovery assessment in which participants identified their styles, skills, traits and their competency in transformational leadership.










MENTORING SKILLS – As an extension to skills development, mentoring skill was an obvious choice because of its recurrent need in all areas of leadership roles. 

LEADERSHIP SIMULATION – Day 2 started with Leadership Simulation in which the participants were divided into 2 teams to compete in ‘The Voyage’ – First Avocado’s simulation exercise . The simulation was an experiential learning on leadership roles under various situations.

INTROSPECTION & REFLECTION– The introspection covered most of the second half of Day 2. The introspection was based on reflection of activities and decisions taken during simulation games.

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