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12. 31. 2017 by First Avocado

Large Enterprises are widely adopting Business Intelligence  (BI) Platform in creating an effective organization. From predictive online gaming to crime prevention, from de-risked financial sectors to squeezing value out of procurement function in a business, BI seems to be no more a buzz amongst large enterprise CXOs. When business leaders draw inspiration from a successful BI strategy of seemingly identical companies, their interest is fueled by the anticipation of a promise. But for a country of 29 million headcount, with an internet penetration of little over 30%, justifying its relevance isn’t so much about catching up with the times.

BI thrives best when surrounded by a rich mix of data clusters and data sources, propelled by New Gen technologies such as  “Big Data” and “internet of all things“. Other factors leading to a  successful implementation, are – organization’s commitment in creating values through data-driven process, and the corporate’s rigor to capture every bit of information from everywhere.  Much of organization’s data source in the country comes from standard Managerial Information Systems which rarely talks to external entity. The integration to social media, web, sensor’s and other data agents is minimalistic. This clearly suggests that many of country’s home grown companies is too early for BI adoption given their technical and functional readiness. Additionally, an investment such as this demands a compelling business case to generate interest in the board room.

But truth be told, unless the DNA of an organization is highly data-driven, BI is going to be a cultural misfit amongst a scheme of tools in your Data Center.

However, for country’s largest export – tourism and country’s economic backbone – Agriculture,  investment on data analytics and relevant infrastructure could be a roadmap for identifying needs and developing differentiated products – affecting stakeholders at grassroots level.  With a growing mobile penetration of 72% and steep rise in the number of digital consumers, and increasing usage of data agencies such as sensors,  digital footprint in agriculture and tourism can challenge the dynamics of handling these sectors. 

Much of tourism sector rely on reporting system (eg: trekking management system) to achieve a cockpit view of their industry. BI  is different as the data  comes from undefined data sources in contrast to standard reporting system that provides a defined data representation of already decided data formats. Imagine when data about tourists services purchase, their consumption, accommodation and experiences are tracked from multiple touchpoints, it can  translate into meaningful information to boost tourist  satisfaction and boost revenues and profits. This further enriches when one service interacts with other services thereby adding to the cumulative experience of potential traveler. This way you can influence a traveler 365 days a year. Likewise, analytics in agriculture can find its way to increase crop yield and stabilize price fluctuations.


But truth be told, unless the DNA of an organization is highly data-driven, BI is going to be a cultural misfit amongst a scheme of tools in your Data Center. That means, a business has to be highly focused in quantifying every bit of activ­ity into performance indicators, and roll every set of indicators into scorecards — this reflect Company’s health and hygiene. Most domestic companies, still rely on decision making process that aren’t too data friendly – be it employee ap­praisal, product identification or market­ing & communication..

In a matured business organization, the readiness to deploy a BI platform is achieved when goals and objectives are tightly synchronized between busi­ness user and IT counterparts. Howev­er, not all organizations are 


championed to deliver outstanding results. Many or­ganizations lack the right set of resourc­es, expertise and management focus to bring such project alive while some are challenged by poor change culture.

The game changer for a successfully BI roll-out rests on organ­isation’s ability to shift from process driven decision making process to da­ta-driven approach. This would mean undertaking a large scale change man­agement as a result of process tweaks, that will not only impact policies and controls but could also lead to func­tional consolidation and re-alignment of departments. Poorly managed change leads to poor em­ployee satisfaction.

When all is said and done, the ecosystem of BI designates multiple stakeholders; from  enterprise application developers, touchpoint creators to infrastructure providers.. You need to implement a range of technologies and methodologies to build a data architecture that is secure, fosters collaboration, and can easily scale as business demands grow. More importantly, they all need to be in sync with the service design. Interestingly this is a big space for entrepreneurs, SMEs and investors  to tap into. However, for much of what we hear from Nepalese entrepreneurial ecosystem, it is the regular consumer targeted ventures. Perhaps, the country needs a bigger corporate to champion the cause and take the aspiring entrepreneurs into their wings.

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